Here you can get up to speed on the different things we have going on at the church, ranging from big events to meetings so that you never have to miss a thing!

Services are Resumed

     Our two main Sunday Services have resumed and shall continue unless we return to code red. Masks are highly encouraged, but as they are not required in public spaces by the state or CDC, we are not currently requiring them for anyone. You are welcome to wear one if you'd like.

          If you are not comfortable returning at this time, we completely understand and will still be livestreaming our sermons through YouTube and publishing our podcasts.

     We are still completely open for office hours and want to meet your needs! Should you or anyone you know need assistance, feel free to reach out during our normal office hours. Sermons will still be made available online through our podcasting service and our Youtube channel. Links to both can found on our sermons and social media tab. Please be safe, wash your hands, and stay in the word!


Griefshare Digital Ministries

     For those who are interested, Griefshare has a digital audio program option for those battling with the hardships of personal loss in this season! It is an Mp3 file and can be played on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other similar electronic devices.


Recommended ages 14+ 

For more information on how to join or how to help with Griefshare, contact Amy Beardsley

(814) 572-2414 or